Monday, November 5, 2012

No Slip Grips

Scroll down through all the No Slip Grip Options; listed in no particular order.

Each product has pros and cons, ultimately you have to decide what works best for YOU. :)

Our favorite . . . Silicone Adhesive No Slip Grip

Triple Flip Grip Silicone Grips

Purchase online at Little Hoot Wholesale
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Bow No Go Clip Grips

Latex Free Easy Peel & Stick Strips. Great for Double, Single and Mini size alligator clips.
Clip Grips are available at No Bow ... No Go
Wholesale Pricing Available

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gripzies No Slip Grip

Self adhesive, latex free and ready to apply. Gripzies are available at Look At Me Baby

Wholesale at Gripzies Wholesale

Velcro No Slip Grip

Cut 1/4" x 1" piece of velcro and hot glue to the underside of alligator clip. Rough or soft side of velcro? Either. Some people love the hook side and some love the loop side. Try it, see which you prefer. Leave a comment to help others know.

Shelf Liner No Slip Grip

Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Supreme Easy Liner® is the best. This product is latex free and easy to cut into pieces that fit on alligator clips.

Cut the liner into small pieces that fit your clip. Hot glue to the underside of your hair clip.

Self Adhesive Craft Foam No Slip Grip

Cut foam into strips and stick on the underside of hair clip.

Make Your Own Self Adhesive No Slip Grip


Pattern courtesy of Tilly's Bowtique :: Tilly's Bowtique Blog ::

To view the entire pattern, visit How to Cover an Alligator Clip from Girly Things.

Velvet Ribbon No Slip Grip

Velvet Ribbon in 1/4 or 3/8 inch width. Cut to length; use hot glue or Fabri-Tac to attach on the underside of clip.

Duck Hold-It Carpet Tape No Slip Grip

Cut the Duck Hold-It Carpet Tape into small pieces to fit your clip and stick on.

Aquarium Sealant No Slip Grip

Aquarium Sealant (All Glass Aquarium from WalMart in above photo)
Apply the same way as Silicone Adhesive No Slip Grip

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Line an Alligator Clip with Double Sided Tape

Double Stick Tape usually isn't strong enough to hold by itself on hair clips, especially on the backside of the clip. Our solution is to use E6000 on the backside. Apply E6000 and let it dry overnight.

The next day apply the double stick tape.

You can go all the way to the edge with tape or leave a tail to tack with E6000.

Use a toothpick or syringe to apply a little bit of glue on to the tail.

Clamp to a no stick surface (waxed paper or cutting board) to dry overnight.

We use Sealah No Sew Tape

How to Line an Alligator Clip with E6000

Glue the backside of the ribbon to alligator clip and dry overnight.

Glue the top part of ribbon to the alligator clip and dry overnight. If the ribbon tries to lift off of the clip, hold it in place with a magnet.

How to Line an Alligator Clip with Hot Glue

Please check out these links for more resources on lining alligator clips with Hot Glue:
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